Path is Not That Easy!!!

Path is Not That Easy!!!

Dev is good for nothing, he only wastes time” , “ Dev has no aim in life, he only goes out with his friends for meals and movies” , “Dev cant take a decision, he is always confused” – these were the critics I used to hear always after a year of starting my under grad course from my so called well wishers.

I used to feel very bad and get angry. Never gave back anyone any reply but inside I used to feel that I will definitely do something and make them feel jealous of me and my life. Now, I am doing MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from a very reputed university of India – NMIMS and took my passion of travelling and love for food as my profession. Yes, I am a travel and food blogger.



I moved to Mumbai on 6th June 2017 for my MBA program. The day I left home started a new quest to discover myself. This day was very important in my life and was looking forward to it from the moment my admission got confirmed. My dad came to drop me to Mumbai and the same day he left. Staying in Kolkata with a family of 7 to being alone at Mumbai. This made me very nervous and depressed but at the same time the excitement level was also very high. It took me 3 days to get the home settled and months to get accustomed to Mumbai life but gradually I fell in love with the city.

The course I am doing is an executive course and so the lectures are held on weekends. Weekdays I has nothing to do. Everyone else in my course were working professionals and I was the only one doing nothing. I was getting bugged and restless sitting at home. Months passed by with many ups and downs and new year came. It was January, more than 8 months passed after shifting to Mumbai and I was getting more restless with every day to pass.

I used to watch a lot of youtube videos on weekdays and saw people making videos on their area of interest. I saw many travel blogs, food blogs and all. It was 16th January, 2018 and 11 p.m at night, I called up my dad, and told him that many peoples are travelling around the world , making up video snap uploading them on youtube and making good money. The point is that they are doing what they are passionate about and they are getting paid for it. He always knew how much I love travelling and immediately told me that I can do something related to travelling as well. So discussed all the in and outs about it till late night and the same thing continued the next day and finally we decided to start a youtube channel on travelling vlogs.

So, this is how DISCOVER WITH DEV came into existence. I created the channel and called up few friends who has cameras, borrowed it from them (thanks a lot Meenu and Ethna for lending me your camera that time) and went out for my first vlog on 18th January to Matheran, near Mumbai itself and uploaded the first video on 19th January, 2018.


So this is how the journey started.

In the beginning the journey seemed very easy and charismatic. But as time progressed, we got to know that the path we have chosen is very difficult and requires a lot of patience. We needed 1000 subscribers to get monetisation started in our channel. The first couple hundred were very easy to get from friends and family, but after getting one subscriber was a task. It required a lot of personal request and persuasion to get people subscribe to the channel and share the video.

The main concern that time was to create content and create good content, soon with time the magical number of 1000 subscribers was achieved. But when the viewership picked up, a tragedy occurred in my family and I had to stop travelling for few months. Then gradually the channel was dying and I was not allowed to travel or few months. So to keep the channel alive I had to post something.

I love food and love trying out new places. So I thought why not try out food at different places and make a review blog of restaurants. So this is how the segment of food vlog was born. After that I kept on making food blogs one after the other.

So this is how the journey of DISCOVER WITH DEV started and how we made challenges into opportunities. The path is very difficult and comes with new challenges at every step but it teaches you a new thing every time. In short, I am cherishing the joint with amazing experiences.


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