About Dev

Hi I am Dev, born and brought up in Kolkata (India), also known as the ‘City With A Soul’.
With my zeal for traveling coupled with my love for food, made me take the road to become a travel motivator. I find it to be almost a noble deed, if I could push others to travel more by showing them how I see a place.
One fine day, on 17th January, 2018 the thought of vlogging came to my mind. With the support and encouragement of my father, the very next day itself, I went out to shoot my first video.
I have taken every decision in life instantaneously, and for that I am also infamous among the people who know me personally.
I have done Bachelors in Commerce from Bhawanipur Education Society College and am persuing MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS MUMBAI.
So you want to know how I am travelling along with my college? Right? Well, I have my lectures on weekends and with a little time management, I get to travel on weekdays.


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